Were C64's used in editing video like the Amigas - also need Amiga [keyboard?]

Cameron Kaiser spectre at floodgap.com
Wed Jan 11 20:44:14 CST 2017

> No, C64's were too limited (8-bit) to do anything video related.

I'm going to be strenuously pedantic: the bittedness of the 6510 isn't why
it's a less optimal video candidate, the relatively limited video output
(which is the VIC-II, not the CPU) is. 320x200 probably has enough bit
detail but the 8x8 colour limitation is crippling, and 160x200 even on a
TV screen is blocky.

But we definitely used it for video in lo-fi cheap productions. The 40x25
text mode is more than enough for some very basic titling, and it has
separated video as well.

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