Were C64's used in editing video like the Amigas - also need Amiga keyboa...

Syd Bolton sbolton at bfree.on.ca
Thu Jan 12 09:35:30 CST 2017

> Syd! thanks,,..  is the Toaster Flyer a board inside the Amiga?  it 
> may be
> there...
> Did you save any promotional material  etc?  Thins like that look  
> good in
> a display  with the gear.
> We also need to scrounge a keyboard and a mouse

 It was a card inside, yes.....but you didn't typically have a Toaster & 
 and Flyer in the same machine---you had one of each.

 I have lots of material still from the day and there is of course good 
 examples of it online.

 Keyboard & mouse are tougher....we have them at the museum, but not 
 really any extras. It is one of the most common requests I get from 
 people - there are adapters to use PC keyboards (and mice) on the Amiga 
 but of course that's not authentic :)

 eBay may be the only route for getting that - at least if you need to 
 do so quickly.

 Also you can try http://www.jppbm.com/ - he carries a lot of hard to 
 find Commodore stuff.


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