Unknown 8085 opcodes

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Thu Jan 12 11:52:37 CST 2017

>>> Does your disassembler do flow analysis?
>> I doubt it, because none of the meanings I know for the term are
>> anything my disassembler does.
> A disassembler that can do flow analysis is a breath of fresh air
> when working with larger binaries.  Essentially, it looks at the code
> and makes some decisions about its content.

A reasonable facility to have, though of course you need overrides in
both directions.

> Thus, a target of an already-disassembled jump must also be code,

Well...usually.  It's possible the jump isn't actually a jump
instruction (just data that happens to look like one) and it's possible
it doesn't actually jump to where it appears to for any of many
possible reasons.  Hence the overrides.

My disassembler defaults to disassembling as instructions, but it has
support for the user telling it that certain areas are text, or
integers, or whatever.  Clone it and look at the README if you want to
get an idea how it works from a user's point of view.

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