Unknown 8085 opcodes

Sean Conner spc at conman.org
Thu Jan 12 13:21:20 CST 2017

It was thus said that the Great Chuck Guzis once stated:
> On 01/12/2017 07:35 AM, Mouse wrote:
> >> Does your disassembler do flow analysis?
> > 
> > I doubt it, because none of the meanings I know for the term are 
> > anything my disassembler does.
> A disassembler that can do flow analysis is a breath of fresh air when
> working with larger binaries.  Essentially, it looks at the code and
> makes some decisions about its content.
> Thus, a target of an already-disassembled jump must also be code, not
> data, for example, so it's possible to disassemble large sections of
> code automatically.  Sections not referenced as code or data are held as
> "unknown" code until some guidance from the user is provided.

  But are there disassemblers that can handle somehing like:

		jsr	puts
		fcc	'Hello, world!',13,0

	puts	puls	x
	puts1	lda	,x+
		beq	puts9
		jsr	putchar
		bra	puts1
	puts9	pshs	x

  I recall that being a somewhat common idiom in 8-bit code of the 80s.


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