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>> On 1/11/17 4:45 PM, Brad H wrote:

>>> I wasn't even aware of the LCM until this thread  

I'm hurt.  :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

>> You mean "Living Computer: Museum + Labs" ?

>> They just changed their name.

> Thanks - didn't know that...

> Good for them!!! Their website has really improved as well.

Thanks, Lyle!  I've passed that comment on to the head of the internal team
that spearheaded the improvements as we worked on the rebranding, because
she knows who everyone involved was and I don't.  (The previous sites, both
LCM and PDPplanet, were done by an expert team--they really are good--who
were external and also not answerable to us.)

This was part of expanding from a single floor of our three-story building
onto the 1st (ground) floor, where we have educational labs, exhibits on
modern developments from the vintage machines on the 2nd, a real gift shop
and book store, and a small cantina.


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