Unknown 8085 opcodes

Fred Cisin cisin at xenosoft.com
Thu Jan 12 15:46:48 CST 2017

>> Not all strings are null-terminated.  In CP/M, and MS-DOS INT21h Fn9, the
>> terminating character is '$' !
>> "If you are ever choosing a termination marker, choose something that
>> could NEVER occur in normal data!"
>> Also, strings may, instead of a terminating character, be specified with a
>> length, or with a start and end address.

On Thu, 12 Jan 2017, Sean Conner wrote:
>  I've seen the high bit set on the last character, again mostly in the
> 8-bit world.
Yes, but also for "soft" spaces in Wordstar files.

That seemed to disappear when the 5150 came out,
since it it had some useful characters in the upper 128 set,
such as "enyay" (N~), and 'e' with acute accent for your "resume".
Not all that were present were useful, and
not all useful ones were present.
Thanks for the stupid smiley faces, but howzbout
"yen", "pound sterling", "trademark", "registered mark",
and "copyright"?
One of my students speculated that the choices that were made,
resulted in more stringent workplace sobriety measures.

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