PAL video in the states

Adrian Graham binarydinosaurs at
Fri Jan 13 06:14:24 CST 2017

On 13 January 2017 at 11:27, Phil Blundell <pb at> wrote:

> I imagine more or less any modern TV should be able to cope with the
> 576i timings.  If you plug the "composite" output (BNC connector) into
> the CVBS input on your TV then you'd probably get a decent monochrome
> image.  The BBC doesn't provide chroma information on its composite
> output and, even if it did, I doubt that a US-market TV would be able
> to recover the chroma.

It does if you solder in the link at S30 next to the composite output, that
adds chroma to the signal.
It degrades the signal too, but your point still stands :)

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