What is the most prized possession in your collection?

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Fri Jan 13 14:39:07 CST 2017

Mine is the HP-2000  ...  it  was a game changer   for me  in the  used  
computer  business as it  gave me  a one company direction... from  dealing in 
parts to keep it alive to   having  HP-3000 systems being an indy  new  HP  
dealer  on  PC  products in the 80s into the 90s.
On a more personal level,   the Classic PDP-8 with the plexi  top covers  
we have here in the SMECC   museum project I  have   given them.   I wanted 
one ion 1965    and  finally  got one in the 80s!
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We've  talked about the most expensive, the most rare, the less usual...

Now  lets talk about what you love most <3

For me is the Apple IIe signed  by Woz :D

What is your most prized and loved possession?  :)

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