PAL video in the states

Tony Duell ard.p850ug1 at
Fri Jan 13 14:51:10 CST 2017

>> [Sony PVM9044QM]
>>> I bought one of those recently ostensibly as a monitor for my Apple ][s but
>>> like you say it's capable of pretty much anything you can throw at it.
>>> ukp25 too, bargain.
>> You can get the service manual from elektrotanya, and believe me you
>> need it!
> Just looked at the pics of someone servicing one, I'll go looking for the
> manual :)

It's actually not too bad to work on. The 2 main PCBs (deflection one side,
video processing on the other) are on fold-out frames. And in fact the whole
thing comes apart in a few minutes.

If you can't find the service manual, I have the one I downloaded...

{Tatung Einstein]

>> I've never seen the official Tatung monitor for it. I assume it's based on
>> a common TV chassis design. (The Einstein PSU is very similar to some
>> 1980s Decca/Tatung TV power supply circuits).
> The monitor is a Hitachi chassis I think, dark-ish picture of my machine is
> here:

That would surprise me, given that Tatung made TV sets (which were often
badged 'Decca' in the UK). Tandy sold a set based on the Tatung 160 chassis
as well.

Given that, I would have thought they would have used their own chassis
in this monitor.

> And why oh why did I look on ebay for Einstein stuff....grr.... :)

Why? What happened?


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