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>> Just looked at the pics of someone servicing one, I'll go looking for the
>> manual :)
> It's actually not too bad to work on. The 2 main PCBs (deflection one side,
> video processing on the other) are on fold-out frames. And in fact the whole
> thing comes apart in a few minutes.

So I see, it reminded me a bit of the Acorn Cambridge Workstation in that
> If you can't find the service manual, I have the one I downloaded...

Hopefully I won't need it for a long while but you never know!

>> The monitor is a Hitachi chassis I think, dark-ish picture of my machine is
>> here:
> That would surprise me, given that Tatung made TV sets (which were often
> badged 'Decca' in the UK). Tandy sold a set based on the Tatung 160 chassis
> as well.

Yes, you're probably right. I was all over the unofficial last year when I was readying my machine for exhibition
since I could only find one games disk for it. Naturally I found them all a
few weeks ago. Said website is run by the nephew of a Tatung worker in
Telford and I'm sure he said who made the monitor but I can't find it now.
> Given that, I would have thought they would have used their own chassis
> in this monitor.
>> And why oh why did I look on ebay for Einstein stuff....grr.... :)
> Why? What happened?

I was reminded that the Einstein 256 existed and there's still a couple of
places selling unused ones - unused because there wasn't a market for them
AND the monitor powered the machine a la Amstrad. Not that I've got a spare
£250 of course, but...

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