What is the most amount of money you've spent on a computer or computer-related item?

Jon Elson elson at pico-systems.com
Fri Jan 13 16:24:00 CST 2017

On 01/13/2017 12:16 PM, Al Kossow wrote:
> On 1/13/17 10:05 AM, Toby Thain wrote:
>> AUD $25,000 for a Linotype L100 PostScript imagesetter (used).
I have a laser photoplotter I built a long time ago to make 
circuit board artwork.  It does 1000 x 1000 DPI via a raster 
process, wrapping the film around a drum.  After moving all 
the conversion software over to Linux, it occurred to me 
that it might not be hard to convert some raw pixel image 
format produced by one of the PostScript converters to the 
format for my photoplotter.  it was about a one hour 
exercise to get it working!

Not exactly a one button operation to get images, what with 
all the darkroom processing, but I might use it some day.  I 
mostly use it now to make solder stencils for board 


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