Need serial cabe for pdp 11/34 M7856

Tony Duell ard.p850ug1 at
Sun Jan 15 12:55:13 CST 2017

On Sun, Jan 15, 2017 at 6:47 PM, Don North <north at> wrote:

> Or here is a slightly different approach that I now use. I made up this PCB:
>  (price is $18 for 3 boards
> from OSHpark)
> that adapts a standard 40p IDE cable to a 9pin serial connector (M or F, as
> needed).
> So with this approach you can use about any length of standard 40p IDE cable
> to break
> out from the DL11 (I use about 24" lengths to get out of the 11/34 box), the
> adapter, and
> then a standard M/F serial cable to a 9p serial port, or a 9p serial port to
> USB adapter.

I did something similar, using a 40 pin IDE-type cable, then a 40 pin
header plug
on a bit of stripboard (strips cut between the rows of pins of course)
with a few
wires soldered to the right strips going to a DB25 connector.

For a real kludge you can put solid-core wire into the holes of an IDC
socket. So
IDE cable as above, DB25 with solid core wire soldered to the right pins, then
pushed into the holes on the free end of the cable. Not for 'use' but
it will work
for testing.

Of course the OP has the current loop cable. You can remove the contacts from
40 (or 44) pin socket housing and re-arrange them. You have the jumper wire for
the serial pin, you need to move one end of that. And a length of 6
way cable with
said contacts on one end -- strictly you only need 3 for the RS232 one. So you
could hack it about, cut of the 8 pin mate-n-lock and fit a DB25. But pehaps you
want to keep the current loop cable too.


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