Macintosh Plus: 31 years old this coming Monday

Mattis Lind mattislind at
Mon Jan 16 01:53:48 CST 2017

2017-01-15 5:12 GMT+01:00 Chris Hanson <cmhanson at>:

> I met up with some friends at a coffee shop to get some data off a hard
> drive that was given to one of them with an old Mac Plus. During the course
> of this, we looked some things up, and learned that the Mac Plus was
> released on January 16, 1986: Thirty one years ago, as of this coming
> Monday.
> Maybe I’ll take some time out on Monday to finally fit mine with the
> replacement analog board that I’ve acquired, so I can enjoy that beautiful
> bluish-white phosphor glow once again.
I spent some time before Christmas with my old Mac Plus I acquired many
years ago. With some fiddling I got this old box running System 6.07 on the
Internet. Maybe not a spectacular experience but it works!

>   -- Chris

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