SunoS 4.1.4 and Open Windows 3 on an IPX?

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Mon Jan 16 07:57:45 CST 2017

>> It looks like there is a mismatch between what resolution Open
>> WIndows is using and how the frame buffer is configured.

It does.

>> My screen reports that the framebuffer is outputting 1280x1024 at 76Hz.

If it's a "modern" flatscreen, don't necessarily trust that.  I've seen
flatscreens claim some very, um, "creative" things about the input
signal if it doesn't use quite the sync timings the screen wants (which
are, of course, invariably undocumented).

For example, my usual desktop machine is a SPARCstation-20.  Years ago,
I figured out how to get them to generate resultions the ROMs don't
account for.  Recently, I tried to drive a recent flatscreen with a
SS20, and, while fidding with the various timings, I had the flatscreen
report wildly ludicrous resolutions when all I was changing was the
sync timing.

>> On the other hand, when SunOS boots it finds the cgsix0 and reports
>> that the resolution is 1000x1022!?

That's...odd.  I can't help wondering where it got that.  Out of all
the framebuffers I've poked at, I've never seen that resolution.  The
usual resolutions close to that are 1152x900 and 1280x1024, and those
are landscape, not portrait.

If you can test-boot NetBSD - from a CD or from the network, for
example - I'd be interested to hear what it thinks the resolution is.
Also, if you can capture printenv output from the ok prompt, I'd be
curious about that too.

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