Close encounters of the CADR kind

Alfred M. Szmidt ams at
Mon Jan 16 08:58:06 CST 2017

       > From: Lars Brinkhoff


   That might actually be the CONS Machine (effectively a prototype CADR);
   Greenblatt looks awfully young in that picture! Also, I don't recall him
   being super-involved in the CADR work. (You might ask him which it is!) 

I am inclined to agree that these pictures are of a CONS, or a very
early CADR prototype.  Both where relativley similar in design, mostly
differing in data widths.  The closest to a picture of a CADR that I
have seen are a few shots of the LM-2, and the LMI CADR, but they
mainly show the TV and keyboard.

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