Close encounters of the CADR kind

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Mon Jan 16 10:15:04 CST 2017

    > From: Alfred M. Szmidt

    > How do you figure that?

Umm, because I saw them every day, for several years? :-) (They were
scattered all over the 9th floor at Tech Sq.)

Admittedly, it's hard to tell a picture (from the front, where one can only
see a giant wire-wrapped assembly) of the CONS machine from a picture of a
CADR, but that one also has the CADR header-plate.

Also, from a previous message:

    > these pictures are of a CONS, or a very early CADR prototype

There were no CADR prototypes, other than the CONS.

The first CADR built was, I am fairly certain, put into service as a general
user machine; it likely had fixes applied during the bring-up process that
were built in from the start on later machines, so they were all identical
(i.e. no special software for that one machine), but there was no 'prototype
CADR' left lying around gathering dust, unused.


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