Origins of the term 'WYSIWYG?

Fred Cisin cisin at
Mon Jan 16 17:08:14 CST 2017

On Mon, 16 Jan 2017, allison wrote:
> That lead to WYSIWYG pronounced as wizzywhig, from the former what you see is 
> what you get.  There were variations
> as well.

Good point!

The phrase is obviously older, and probably much older than Flip Wilson.

BUT, the acronym is much more recent.  I first heard it as an acronym from 
Apple people, but I don't contest Allison's contention that DEC had 
already been using the acronym.

A phrase needs to get a certain level of recognition, as a phrase rather 
than a description, before it gets adopted as an acronym.

Obvious exceptions include "contrived" or "back" acronyms (bac[k]ronyms), 
where words are chosen to try to fit an acronym that was already chosen.

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