Soldapullt original vs III

Paul Koning paulkoning at
Tue Jan 17 09:20:41 CST 2017

> On Jan 16, 2017, at 10:00 PM, Eric Smith <spacewar at> wrote:
> ...
> Some people may be unaware that with temperature-controlled soldering
> equipment, more wattage is almost always better. 

Yes.  I've had a Weller WTCPS since college, serious money for a student but it's been worth it.  It's already lasted 40 years and still doing exactly as well as ever.  The technology is utterly foolproof (the temperature sensing is based on elementary physics and can't drift).

I used to have a Soldapullt but lost it somehow; it was reliable.  Pre-ESD tip, though.  I now use a smaller freebie from a PCB fab house, which works ok.  Yes, adding solder to improve heat transfer is important.  My current approach is to start with the sucker and finish with solder wick.


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