What's the rarest or most unusual computer-related item

Rik Bos hp-fix at xs4all.nl
Tue Jan 17 08:58:04 CST 2017

My rarest item is a Diehl Alphatronics a very rare combination of computer/calculator it's a same kind machine as the HP 9820A or some Wang calculators from the era (early 70ties).
I also have the service manuals for this machine and some spares to keep it running.
Other rare items in my collection are the HP 9821A actually a HP 9820A with a cassette drive like the HP 9830.  
And a HP 9831A which is basically a HP 9825A with firmware to run HP 9830 basic and a different keyboard, but the firmware also works 1n the HP 9825A.
I also have part of a memory core module(6 layers) from an IBM 1401.


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