What is the most prized possession in your collection?

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Woohoo! Beautiful hardware, nice pictures!



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Hard to say which one is most lovely, maybe I just list three most important for me. First is my full IBM 1800 system including 2311 drives, 1627 plotter, etc... http://ennenmikrotietokoneita.blogspot.fi/2015/08/1800-kesakuvia.html

I got CPU to run a year ago, other parts are under progress. Big and noisy beast, gotta love it.


Second would be weird decimal based thing, IBM 1620 Model I: http://ennenmikrotietokoneita.blogspot.fi/2016/06/ibm-1620-model-i-uusi-lelu-kokoelmaan.html

Pretty hard to get back to life, memory is corroded and Model B typewriter is missing. Maybe some day...


Third, Honeywell H316. Exactly I have two of these, both running.  The first one is mint conditioned tabletop version, another is rack version with HSA option.




- Johannes Thelen


Before microcomputers blog (Finnish) http://ennenmikrotietokoneita.blogspot.fi/




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