New: IBM 5285

Jason T silent700 at
Tue Jan 17 23:48:21 CST 2017

My latest acquisition, an IBM 5285 kinda-computer/kinda-terminal:

Basically, a System/[34|36] era terminal with a local CPU and a couple
8" floppies crammed in.  I received no disks or docs with it, but
there are manuals, product releases and other docs for the 5280 line
on Bitsavers.

What are my chances of finding a bootable disk(s) for this machine?
Or failing that, images that could, through whatever wizardry, be
written out?  The product release doc mentions a number of disk
formats used by the line. My drives are the "2D" model, which appear
to be the higher density/capacity disks.  Beyond that, I don't know
what format it would have used.

>From the handful of hits I found in Google's trade-magazine scans, I
get the idea this line didn't do well.


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