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Wow.  GCOS-6 and GCOS-8 … that takes me back.  Great systems.

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> On Jan 18, 2017, at 10:39 AM, Josh Dersch <derschjo at> wrote:
> So I have this DPS-6 taking up space in my basement right now and I thought
> I'd put out a call again to see if anyone has anything at all related to
> it.  I'd like to get the system running but I'm missing:
> - Mass storage controllers (of any type -- floppy, tape, hard drive)
> - GCOS 6 operating system media (in any format, any version, etc.)
> If anyone has any hardware lying around, or GCOS 6 media (or knows anyone
> who might), drop me a line.
> Alternately, if there's anyone out there who has a need for a DPS-6 parts
> machine, let me know...
> Thanks as always!
> - Josh

I’ve only known of one other person with a DPS-6, and that was (is?) Sellam.  The hardware is virtually unobtainable, and sadly, I think GCOS or any other software might even be more difficult to obtain.  I really wish someone could turn up a 25+ year old copy of GCOS-8, and get it running on an emulator, but don’t see that happening either.  I know that the DPS-6 has been emulated for production systems.  A lifetime ago I worked on both DPS-6 and DPS-8 systems running GCOS-6 and GCOS-8.

Last I checked, Group Bull was still selling GCOS-8 systems, running on Itanium.


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