How do you clean your vintage computers?

Andy Cloud r3trohub at
Thu Jan 19 11:18:13 CST 2017

Hey all,

So one of my recent acquisitions is looking quite grubby, outside it just
looks like surface dirt on the plastic, inside seems dusty/basement dirty.

My question comes in two parts:

1. What do you use to clean the exterior plastic and/or metal if
applicable? I'm always worried about staining the plastic using strong
solvent... could you also include what type of cloth/sponge/anything you
use :)

2. You guessed it! What about internally? I've heard isopropyl is really
good, but how do you apply it? What do you use to apply it in order to make
the board shine as if it was just bought!? :D or if you use anything other
than isopropyl...

I also have a bonus question, how do you ground yourself to ensure you
don't blow a component? Is an ESD wrist strap good enough?

I absolutely love this group, really enjoyed your previous answers
regarding rarest/unusual machines!!


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