TS05AA drives?

Nico de Jong nico at farumdata.dk
Thu Jan 19 11:59:28 CST 2017

Hi all

I have never had problems with reading 800 bpi tapes on a Qualster 3412S. 
But writing is a completely different discipline. The M4 9914 (?) can do it, 
according to the documentation, but I've never tried it.
The 3412 is a bit weak in reading stitching tapes, the 9914 is a lot better 
(I have both)

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  On 01/18/2017 01:59 PM, Chuck Guzis wrote:
  > On 01/18/2017 01:06 PM, Al Kossow wrote:
  >> Maybe try a private message to him. I'm curious what happened as
  >> well.
  > I shot a message off to him--let's see if I get a response...

  Just got a message back from Amo--he says that updating his post
  completely slipped his mind, but that reading 800 NRZI tapes has worked
  out very well for him--recovering some 15K files.

  He'll post an update and details.  My thought is that this may be the
  simplest way to get a "gentle" way to handle tapes.  We'll see.


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