How do you clean your vintage computers?

Cameron Kaiser spectre at
Thu Jan 19 12:38:40 CST 2017

> 1. What do you use to clean the exterior plastic and/or metal if
> applicable? I'm always worried about staining the plastic using strong
> solvent... could you also include what type of cloth/sponge/anything you
> use :)
> 2. You guessed it! What about internally? I've heard isopropyl is really
> good, but how do you apply it? What do you use to apply it in order to make
> the board shine as if it was just bought!? :D or if you use anything other
> than isopropyl...

I lovingly caress my machines with my gently moistened tongue.

Short of that, I generally prefer blowing agents on boards, and regular
cleaners with non-abrasive implements on the front. If I'm trying to
de-yellow, I might remove a little of the top layer with steel wool if I
think the texture can handle that.

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