Vector Graphics PROM/RAM Board?

Win Heagy wheagy at
Thu Jan 19 18:27:44 CST 2017

This was helpful, thanks.  Unfortunately, I did not find anything
specifically related to the specific PROM/RAM board that I have.
There was a pretty good manual related to the VG PROM III.  I'm sure
there is some overlap with my board.  The documentation I have for my
board is very sparse.  I'm not sure if this is all that is available,
but it discusses jumpers on the board but doesn't give details on how
they are configured, or a description of setup and operation of the

I tried what I could decipher from my docs, but I haven't seen any
signs of life.  It's also possible that the board is not working, but
I'd like to be sure I'm actually using it correctly.

Any other pointers appreciated.


> Does anyone have experience with the Vector Graphics PROM/RAM
 > this one.
 > (This is not my card...mine is not jumpered in upper right.)
 > I have some documentation with mine and two PROMs loaded in A0 and A1
 > (VIMON loaded on them), but am having some trouble getting any
 > response from it.  Most likely a config issue or a conflict with other
 > RAM.


There are two resources that might be useful to you:

1. The VECTOR-GRAPHIC mailing list, inhabited by a couple of former
Vector employees, among others -

2. The Vector Graphic file archive -


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