Compatibility of 1101A and 1101A1

dwight dkelvey at
Fri Jan 20 15:49:39 CST 2017

Most often, a number past the letter meant the speed.

Usually a 1 indicated 100 ns but I don't know if that makes

sense for 1101As. I suspect it still means something related

to the speed but I'm not sure what speed that might be.

My guess is that it would work at some speed.


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Subject: Compatibility of 1101A and 1101A1

I have some C1101A RAMs I was planning to use in my Mark-8 project.  I'm
having trouble finding more, as previously mentioned because the price has
shot up so much.  I'm wondering, I'm finding lots of P1101A1 RAMs with the
correct date codes.. are those compatible with C1101A/P1101A?  I don't
understand what the 1 at the end signifies.

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