Sparc software on Optical media. (ebay alert)

jim stephens jwsmail at
Sat Jan 21 05:25:21 CST 2017

I post this not so much as an ebay to buy, though if anyplace could be 
found with the means to use this it is on this list.

someone had an optical MO drive at some point and wrote their backup and 
a Solaris (probably 2.5 or later) software onto two disks.

now it's a big oops if you don't have the drives.  I figure someone here 
to pop up and point one out on ebay, or have one.


Just late night chuckle.

Oh, he has a cheapo SS20 (compared to others),  $49 bucks, but 42 
shipping (if it goes that cheap).


I'll be digging out an Blade 100 and 150 soon.

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