FTGH: iMac G3

Fritz Mueller fritzm at fritzm.org
Sat Jan 21 19:57:54 CST 2017

Hey folks,

Helping my ex clean out her basement, she had a 1999 tray-loading "lime" 
iMac G3 that she no longer wanted.  The machine is complete w/ original 
keyboard, mouse, and power cord.  Boots and runs MacOS 9.2.  CRT is 
arcing occasionally (probably dust around the flyback?)

I'm not a Mac collector, but I scooped it in case anybody here might be 
interested?  Free for pickup in Oakland or Menlo Park CA, or for cost of 
shipping anywhere else.  Drop me a line if interested -- otherwise it'll 
be off to the local ecycler in a week or two!


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