MSCP Qbus port layer doc sought

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Sun Jan 22 14:01:10 CST 2017

I'm starting to pick up my KA630 emulator again.  In particular, I want
to give it MSCP disk.

I have various MSCP documentation files, but they talk about MSCP
proper.  None of them describe the Q-bus - nor even Unibus - port
drivers in enough detail for me to write an emulator; most of them
barely mention either Q-bus or Unibus.

I find I wrote a bunch of code, and I'm fairly sure it was based on a
doc file, but I cannot now find that doc file.  And I find the code
disagrees with NetBSD's MSCP support.  I tried to use the NetBSD driver
as documentation but end up with the response ring doing unexpected

So, I'm looking for the Qbus port specification.  One of the text files
I found on bitsavers (a DEC-internal TMSCP document) says "See
UNIBUS/QBUS Storage Systems Port Specification for additional detail".
I also found a message to a simh mailing list, quoting an RQDX3
document which, in its "Applicable Documents" list, has

           o  UQSSP (Unibus/Qbus Storage Systems Port Specification)

Those sound like what I want.

Anyone happen to know where I might be able to find such a thing?

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