quick omnibus question

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Before deleting this, someone much smarter than me should double check to make sure I am right that the file is incorrect. It is a shame because it is very nicely done. It even shows the keyways in the card. But it seems to be backward to me.

I tried to find contact information for that hack42.nl site to suggest they redo the otherwise useful file, but was not successful.
Thank you

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> I hope this email can be found by the next guy searching for the omnibus details so they can avoid wasting time.
> http://bitsavers.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de/pdf/dec/pdp8/pdp8e/Omnibu
> s_legenda.pdf
> This file shows the Omnibus signal locations CORRECTLY (extracted from 
> a larger document) 
> http://w2hx.com/x/VintageComp/PDP-8e/Docs/Omnibus_Card_Edge_Designatio
> ns.pdf

i will delete the file
here is the original source

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