Attempt at Compaq keybord swap with a PC keyboard (failed)

Randy Dawson rdawson16 at
Sun Jan 22 23:26:49 CST 2017

I have luggable with the famous Keytronics foam kepad rot.

I am searching for the foam (have not found it yet), and on a lark, I tried using a PC keyboard.

In the PC keyboard, I soldered in a 7805 to take the Compaq 12V to 5V for the PC keyboard.

Traced the clock and data lines, hooked it all up and it does not work.

The Keytronics (compaq) keyboard either has a different protocol or signals inverted, I have not got that far with the scope yet to see the difference.

Has anybody found a source for the Keytronics mylar foam pads?


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