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> I normally trace connections using my DMM, but of course you have to know
> what will fool it (i.e. low resistance components). I find I have to desolder
> relays, switches, inductors, transformers, low value resistors, etc before
> starting to trace the circuit.

There's been a lot of that here too.

>> should go high at the same time as long as it's part of the same trace, so
>> the LS373 to MC3242A to pin 3 on all four ROMs should pulse together and
>> they don't. If there's a short they should all get it.
> Oh... The trace isn't open-circuit, is it? Check it with the
> multimeter. Given the
> corrosion damage to the tape drive I could well believe PCB problems of a
> similar nature.

I've measured resistance from all points to all points, there's 9:

74LS373 (output, new socket checked for solder bridges, new chip)
4x 2764 EPROM (new chips, no new sockets yet)
MC3242A (new chip, no new socket yet, this one had bad verdigris)

and it's 0.6ohm max.

I picked A7 because it and its multiplexed D7 are special cases and go to
quite a few locations. D0-D6's input to the teletext chip from the CPU is
via a 74LS240, D7's input is based on ALE/A6/A7 and a few other things
involving clocks that aren't yet present (lack of SOD and IO/M) so I'm
fairly sure the teletext chip isn't getting a full byte.

Both my analysers are cheap chinese clones, I suspect I need something

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