IBM 7074 and then some: "Systems we love" conference

Jon Elson elson at
Wed Jan 25 00:01:39 CST 2017

On 01/24/2017 11:14 PM, Chuck Guzis wrote:
> Given that the whole SMS thing was the common denominator 
> among the 7000 and 1400 and 1620 lines, it's hard to say 
> who was first. But the 7070 was first delivered. --Chuck 
Which is damned amazing, as the 7070 was a VERY ambitious 
machine. 30,000 transistors, 22,000 diodes on 14,000 circuit 
cards.  TOTALLY mind boggling.

And, the 7074 was a serious computer, given the vintage.  
Either 4 or 6 us core cycle time was QUITE good in 1961 or 
so.  10 us instruction execution time was pretty decent.


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