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Wed Jan 25 12:22:35 CST 2017

G'day Steve -

AOS/VS OS tape drive base names are MTA, MTB, MTC, etc. and do not 
directly correspond to the assembler mnemonic name(s) - don't be 
confused by this difference.

The AOS/VS 'MTA'-type tape drive is described on page IV-5.  These 
correspond to the original DG model 4030/6020 units.

The AOS/VS 'MTB'-type tape drive is described on page IV-15. These 
correspond to the DG model 6026 units.

The AOS/VS 'MTC'-type tape drive is internally the same as the MTB 
except only a single unit is supported.  This was done to distinguish 
single-unit support for the popular DG model 6125 streamer.

The IV-15 mag tape programming model was consistent between the 
Nova/Eclipse/MV bus controllers and the Lbus controllers through 
emulation.  One size [almost] fit all.

What difference(s) are you seeing?


On 1/25/2017 1:01 AM, Stephen Merrony wrote:
> Does anyone have (a scan of) a manual that covers programming the MV-era
> MTB tape controller?
> I have a 1980 "Peripherals" manual (014-000632-01) from the
> "Programmer's Reference Series" which covers the MTA type, but it seems
> that the MTB behaves a bit differently and I am missing some information
> for my current project.
> Thanks,
> Steve

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