Service Manual Direct 831, Direct 825 or Basic Four S/10

Armin Diehl ad at
Wed Jan 25 15:01:55 CST 2017

finally got one of the Basic Four S10. Does someone have a service 
manual for these or the Direct Inc. models ? The one i got was a little 
bit damaged due to shipping within Europe. Found at least one transistor 
and one cap that broke off the video monitor board. Will try to fix that 
next week.

The Basic Four S/10 was developed and build by Direct Inc, Santa Clara, 
California. They sold the machine as a serial terminal (Dec/HP) as well 
as a terminal in combination with a CP/M 2 board.

Direct 825 with CP/M:

Direct 831 as a terminal without the second cpu/floppy controller board:

and the basic four s/10:

Btw, I'm also looking for MAI Basic Four Software for the Models 2000, 


machine with floppy and terminal boards:

Armin Diehl
ad at

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