Fourth release of the HP 3000 Series III simulator

J. David Bryan jdbryan at
Thu Jan 26 00:07:59 CST 2017

The fourth release of the HP 3000 Series III simulator is now available 
from the Computer History Simulation Project (SIMH) site:

This release adds the HP 32234A COBOL II Extended Instruction Set firmware, 
enabling execution of programs produced by the COBOL II ('74 and '85) 
compilers.  The new SET CPU CIS option enables the firmware.

In addition, two new debug tracing options were added.  The SET CPU 
DEBUG=OPND command turns on memory byte operand tracing to show the values 
supplied, e.g., to the CMPS (Compare String) instruction.  The SET CPU 
DEBUG=EXEC command turns on execution tracing for a specific instruction or 
instruction family.

The full set of new features is listed in the release notes that accompany 
the simulator source files.  In addition, an updated HP 3000 Simulator 
User's Guide that covers the new commands is provided in Microsoft Word 
format with the source download and also as a PDF file at:

The preconfigured MPE-V/R disc image available here:

...has been updated to add the COBOL II runtime routines to the system 
Segmented Library and COBOL example programs to the OPERATOR.SYS account.  
The startup command files also now enable the COBOL II instruction set.  

                                      -- Dave Bryan

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