PS2 Model 30 memory

jim stephens jwsmail at
Thu Jan 26 02:09:33 CST 2017

I have a friend who wants to add more memory to a PS2 model 30. They are 
off in the wilds of Oz and acquired this for a good price and would like 
to just upgrade it to run some programs they have which do not run on 
modern faster systems.

I know this is a snake pit to deal with, and can get more info if 
someone can get me some information or point me at references for them 
to look at.

What I'm really interested in doing is seeing if just the memory can be 
had, and it isn't easy to find Sim modules these days, though I suspect 
there are metric tons of them rotting in places forgotten and not 
recycled yet.

anyway any info to get started would be useful.

i see there are entire systems on epay, and may suggest just buying one 
of them and cannibalizing them for their memory should the asking price 
for the individual SIMM parts be ridiculous.  i could buy the system, us 
the system to be sure the memory does something and send them the 
memories alone for reasonable shipping.  It would also net them a backup 
hard drive which are very scarce in even good times as well.

I'm hoping that the memories were common to other systems and not some 
oddball special IBM part.  Old advertisements that show up on google 
show a number of people making them, but that doesn't mean they can be 
found now of course.


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