11/34 with drives on ebay

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Thu Jan 26 14:26:10 CST 2017

E. wrote...
Price is steep indeed, my guess a grand for the system (if fully working)
would be a more realistic price, but that's just my opinion.

A fully working 11/34, in a complete period rack (with all side panels and
filler panels), and 4 working RL02's, VT220, a Decwriter, a good set of disk
packs, RSTS 7 media and manuals.... All shown working (except the LA)..
$1000 isn't realistic at all. It should definitely be higher than that.

Oh, and thus fully outfitted to run RSTS (likely the appropriate memory and
serial connectivity)...

Of course it all depends on what buyer decides they want it, as "worth" and
"selling price" aren't the same thing with a datapoint of just one sale
particularly on ebay. But as to "worth"... I would bet $3K to $5K USD.


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