11/34 with drives on ebay

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Thu Jan 26 17:13:58 CST 2017

    > From: Jay West

    > A fully working 11/34, in a complete period rack (with all side panels
    > and filler panels), and 4 working RL02's, VT220, a Decwriter ...
    > $1000 isn't realistic at all. It should definitely be higher than that.

I concur.

My methodology for _accurately_ valuing something like this is to create as
comprhensive a list of sub-items as possible, then value them, and then add
it up; something like this:

$A	Bare H960
$B	2 x H960 side panels
$C	BA11-K (box and power supply)
$D	BA11-K slides
$E	DD11-PK backplane
$F	PDP-11/34 CPU boards
$G	MS11-L
$H	4 x RL02 drives
$I	15 x RL02 packs

etc etc. Alas, the listing doesn't say exactly which boards are in the 11/34
(and not even any pictures of the insides). I don't know exactly how much $A,
etc are - I have varying levels of experience with these things, but for
instance, I know that MS11-L's are much desired, and command high prices.

Note that the listing does have a reserve, so their actual asking price is
above $5K. Getting that total out of one bidder may be a bit too far; they
might have better luck getting it sold if it was a couple of smaller


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