11/34 with drives on ebay

jim stephens jwsmail at jwsss.com
Thu Jan 26 20:23:32 CST 2017

On 1/26/2017 3:13 PM, Noel Chiappa wrote:
>      > From: Jay West
>      > A fully working 11/34, in a complete period rack (with all side panels
>      > and filler panels), and 4 working RL02's, VT220, a Decwriter ...
>      > $1000 isn't realistic at all. It should definitely be higher than that.
> I concur.
> My methodology for _accurately_ valuing something like this is to create as
> comprhensive a list of sub-items as possible, then value them, and then add
> it up; something like this:
> $A	Bare H960
> $B	2 x H960 side panels
> $C	BA11-K (box and power supply)
> $D	BA11-K slides
> $E	DD11-PK backplane
> $F	PDP-11/34 CPU boards
> $G	MS11-L
> $H	4 x RL02 drives
> $I	15 x RL02 packs
> etc etc. Alas, the listing doesn't say exactly which boards are in the 11/34
> (and not even any pictures of the insides). I don't know exactly how much $A,
> etc are - I have varying levels of experience with these things, but for
> instance, I know that MS11-L's are much desired, and command high prices.
> Note that the listing does have a reserve, so their actual asking price is
> above $5K. Getting that total out of one bidder may be a bit too far; they
> might have better luck getting it sold if it was a couple of smaller
> lots.
> 	Noel
I've dealt with this seller.  He is probably willing to tell you what 
his reserve is, and let you put in an offer.  if it doesn't sell he 
wants to move stuff out, not look at it anymore, and a $5k bid might 
take it, or he would tell you his reserve.

Mind that he has sold and has a lot of stock and probably has better 
market knowledge right now, so he might hold out, or might surprise you.

Also note that the "pick it up in NJ" makes it less desirable, so a good 
offer and ability to quickly get it out of his way will help too.

I've bought select boards, and he was diligent in getting me what I 
needed for one.

I'd love this system if I had the $$, moving capability.  If I were to 
run actual hardware it is hard to argue with a loaded RSTS system 
already spinning.


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