11/34 with drives on ebay

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 23:02:48 CST 2017

On Thu, Jan 26, 2017 at 3:26 PM, Jay West <jwest at classiccmp.org> wrote:
> E. wrote...
> ------
> Price is steep indeed, my guess a grand for the system (if fully working)
> would be a more realistic price, but that's just my opinion.
> ------
> A fully working 11/34, in a complete period rack (with all side panels and
> filler panels), and 4 working RL02's, VT220, a Decwriter, a good set of disk
> packs, RSTS 7 media and manuals.... All shown working (except the LA)..
> $1000 isn't realistic at all. It should definitely be higher than that.

Agreed.  $1000 is low for this system.  Prices on empty complete H960
cabinets have gone up over the years, even if the 11/34 isn't the most
"valuable" CPU in the line.

Then go price 4 BC20J cables and a terminator...

> Of course it all depends on what buyer decides they want it, as "worth" and
> "selling price" aren't the same thing with a datapoint of just one sale
> particularly on ebay.


> But as to "worth"... I would bet $3K to $5K USD.

I'd certainly say this machine should support at least $3K price.


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