XTIDE - boot menu callback via int 18h

Randy Dawson rdawson16 at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 28 03:22:40 CST 2017

Thanks all for getting me going.

I cheated at first with a real Maxtor 20 GB hard drive, and Alexadre's suggestion to FDISK with just a few cylinders, and that worked.

Now, going to a CF card, same plan, no errors with FDISK, FORMAT C:/s, and I can see command.com is there if I boot from a floppy.

I am able to read/write to the CF just fine, copy to it with /V and all OK.

It will not boot from XTIDE, and I get this error.

I read that some CF will not work.

Can you recommend ones that do, and I will go get one.

They one giving me trouble is:

Sandisk Ultra II, I have had it for years in the junkbox.

SDCFH-2048 is what XTIDE reports.

Will a new, current CF fix the problem?

Enlighten me on what boot menu callback means.



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