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Sun Jan 29 09:29:45 CST 2017

I would not go as far as to say completely safe.

If the power supply is supposed to automatically to detect the applied voltage
and act accordingly, there is no guarantee that this circuitry is working,
particularly if the device has only ever been used on the lower voltage range
for all of it's previous life.

I have personal experience of a device which failed in this way, even though
it had only ever been used on a 220V supply.  One day the voltage range
switching circuitry failed and the power supply became configured for
110-125V resulting in blown fuses and damaged parts when 220V was applied.

Additionally, if the power supply does not automatically detect the
applied voltage range, there may be not very obvious switches, jumpers or
connectors that have to be changed to suit the higher voltage range.

Peter Coghlan.

Alexandre Souza wrote:
> completely safe.
> 2017-01-28 17:12 GMT-02:00 Plamen Mihaylov <plamenspam at>:
> > I recently obtained Sony portable model - NWS-1250 from Japan.
> > There is a bottom label "AC 100V", however the PSU has 100-120V and
> > 220-240V label.
> > The exact PSU model is Sony 1-413-548-11.
> > Is it safe to plug it in 220V AC or to wait the arrival of step-down
> > transformer ?
> > The other problem is that the disk has been wiped. Does anyone have NEWS-OS
> > CISC version media ?
> >
> > Best regards,
> > Plamen

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