Fred Cisin cisin at
Mon Jan 30 19:20:59 CST 2017

>   A sad day: The father of Pac-Man, Masaya Nakamura, passed away. I
>   remember playing this on very early microcomputers.
On Mon, 30 Jan 2017, Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
> How about some credit where credit is due, and not rewriting history
> willynilly.  Toru Iwatani was the designer (not Nakamura) of Pac-Man,
> Shigeo Funaki did the code and Toshio Kai the music.  Nakamura was
> simply the man behind the company, not the father of Pac-Man.

According to Wikipedia (usual unreliable source), it was Midway, who 
changed the name from Puck Man to Pac-Man in 1980.  (an expectation that 
vandals would chnge the 'P' to an 'F')

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