RT-11 Basic source available

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Tue Jan 31 10:56:05 CST 2017

    > I _do_ have working binaries (I think) for the MACRO-11, BCPL compiler,
    > and linker.. but they may or may not run under vanilla V6 ...

    > Let me try them and see if they run under vanilla V6 ... and if so, then
    > I can hand out the whole package.

OK, I have verified that all the tools to run and re-build MACRO-11 do in fact
run under vanilla V6. (Which is no big surprise - I'm very familiar with the
changes to MIT-V6+, and most of them were in area like the terminal driver,
etc; there was no reason to change any of the file-handling primitives.



is a tar file with the whole works, along with the MACRO-11 source. Just
download and explode, and read the 'README' file to start with.

It does not yet include the source for the 'bind' linker (used with the .REL
files that MACRO-11 puts out), because that's in BCPL, and there's no point in
adding the source for that until I've put the BCPL compiler itself out, which
I will do once I can confirm that it can correctly compile itself (it's
written in BCPL) and re-create itself.

If the first person to try MACRO could send me feedback, to see if the whole
process works, I'd be grateful.


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