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Tue Jan 31 16:04:22 CST 2017

> I'm on comcast.net and I get these too.  Once a week or so on average.  The $

(Speaking of best practices, you're generating paragraph-length lines;
you might want to read RFC 3676.)

You most likely wouldn't notice unless the bounce traffic got bad
enough to trip some list's auto-suspend test.  Perhaps the other lists
are set less sensitive, or perhaps classiccmp carries more traffic that
gets rejected.  (The latter strikes me as more probable; I'd hazard a
guess that this list holds an usually high proportion of people with
unusual mail setups.)

I've configured my mailer to silently drop mail that it would normally
bounce, when it's mail from either of the lists I'm on that prefer
that.  This is one of them.  Maybe you should do likewise?  (If your
mail is outsourced - it's not clear to me whether "I'm on comcast.net"
means you outsource your mail to them or you just get connectivity
through them - and they aren't willing to do that for you, I guess it's
find a better mailhost to outsource to, stop outsourcing it, or give up
on that idea.)

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