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Fred Cisin cisin at xenosoft.com
Tue Jan 31 21:09:12 CST 2017

> If you think that, you _really_ need to read 3676.

<RANT> Nobody's going to read that the way that it is formatted.

If they expect people to read it, they will have to punch it up, with 
fonts, colors, background images and textures, formats, animated emojis, 
audio accompaniment, and embedded videos.

How can any message be taken seriously without any dancing kangaroos and 
yodelling jellyfish?
Why is it being disseminated as a text file, instead of as a Youtube 

Surely, the new administration's education policies will bring an end to 
the arrogance of "literates" from insulting the intelligence of the voting 
public of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party.

Since there are still a rare few machines without the appropriate 
hardware, smell-o-vision will have to remain optional.
But, the current combined policies at MICROS~1 and Apple of deprecating 
any and all hardare and software more than six months old should fix 
that.   That will also solve the fear that a system might still be in use 
after its printer ink or smell-o-vision supplies are used up.
(microbots in solution in printer ink can complete the process of 
preventing scofflaws from refilling printer ink)

Besides, it is clearly not in the best interests of manufacturing in 
USA^H^H^HChina to permit such legacy relics to be permitted to continue 
to exist.   Delegalization of obsolete computers will be coming soon, 
unfortunately, federal agents have had some difficulty controlling the 
content of the hundreds of machines that have the capability of 
disconnecting from the interweb.   Replacing all NEMA connectors with 
Micro-USB should help.

[MiniTru clarification: The appropriate executive orders were 
issued long ago, when Bill Gates and Steve Jobs invented the first 


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