Pac-Man (Alfred M. Szmidt)

Murray McCullough c.murray.mccullough at
Tue Jan 31 21:17:56 CST 2017

As Alfred wrote:

"How about some credit where credit is due, and not rewriting history
willynilly.  Toru Iwatani was the designer (not Nakamura) of Pac-Man,
Shigeo Funaki did the code and Toshio Kai the music.  Nakamura was
simply the man behind the company, not the father of Pac-Man."

I agree that his company created Pac-Man and in a corporatized world,
then as is now, the owner(s) get the credit; i.e., Jobs of Apple, etc.
And "rewriting history willynilly"; as an historian I definately try
not doing that.

Happy computing.

Murray :)

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