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Tue Jan 31 18:03:55 CST 2017

I have several pallets of many boxes containing oodles of computer and
electronics magazines that need to go. I'm not sure what all is exactly
there but I'm going to be digging through them over the course of the next
several months, so I'll probably just continue to update this thread with
new material.

There may well be lots of complete runs of certain magazines, and probably
some frustrating discontinuities from boxes that didn't make it over. In
any event, there is a lot of good stuff.

Here's what I have pulled so far:

Popular Electronics, nearly a complete run from 1974 through 1984; also
1950s-1970s issues (uninventoried)

Electronics Magazine, 3 bound volumes, April - December 1959 (see photo) -
I plan to sell these in a complete set once I uncover all of them that I
still have. It's possible I still have a complete run from the 1920s
through the 1980s or so.

PC World, Vol 1. #3 on upwards, incomplete (see photo).

Dr. Dobbs, Volume 1, #2, photocopy of V1#1, many early issues from
inception in mid-1970s thru... (again, this is just what I've pulled so far)

Softalk, November 1982 onwards (incomplete, please see photos)

Byte, January 1977 (Vol. 2, #1) through March 1983 (again, just what's been
pulled so far, at one point I had maybe 5 complete runs of Byte)

All photos can be seen here:

I'll try to answer any questions as best I can. As a preliminary FAQ of

1. Yes, I will assemble bundles of magazines for different individuals upon
request and ship them all at once. I will probably want some for of payment
in advance though to secure the deal.

2. Yes, I will most likely ship via USPS media mail rate for the common
stuff (this is how I received most of my magazines over the years) as this
will be the cheapest method. For more valuable issues we can discuss more
secure modes of shipping.

3. Yes, I have complete runs of a lot of magazines, but it will take time
to dig them all out. I once had a complete run of nearly every (US)
computer and electronics magazine ever published. What I now have is
anywhere from a large to a substantial portion of that library. I don't
know, this is the first time I'll be going through everything to see what's

4. These magazines have been stored in file boxes standing on their edges
for years, packed very tightly. In not so tightly packed boxes some issues
have curled up. In almost all cases, the magazines were kept in a cool,
dry, dark environment so they will all be in about the condition I got
them. In some cases I expect water damage.

5. I will charge more for the more sought after issues and peanuts for the
long run schlock. My desire is to sell in bulk. The more you buy, the
better your price.

That should cover things for now. Happy shopping.


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